UChicago Medicine deploys DaVita data sharing technology to help patients on kidney waiting list

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DaVita Kidney Care and the University of Chicago Medicine today announced the successful implementation of the Transplant Waitlist Support Program, which was created to help keep waitlisted patients transplant-ready by proactively and electronically exchanging patient information between DaVita and the transplant center.

“We were able to customize DaVita’s program to fit our center and help us deliver an even better experience for our patients,” said Yolanda Becker, M.D., professor of surgery and director of kidney and pancreas transplantation at the University of Chicago Medicine. “Helping our shared patients by keeping their information secure and current ensures they will be ready and reachable when a kidney becomes available.”

Outdated information can cause a patient to be passed over on the waitlist when a transplant opportunity arises. If a patient forgets to share their updated contact information, for example, it can result in missing a kidney transplant opportunity because they can’t be reached. Transplant centers usually rely on phone and fax communications to collect and update patient information, which can be time consuming and inefficient. With steadily growing waitlists to manage, this process has become even more challenging.

“DaVita and UChicago Medicine both want to improve patients’ chance for success on their transplant journey,” said Allen Nissenson, M.D., FACP, chief medical officer for DaVita Kidney Care. “Since we see our patients frequently, we have the data transplant centers need for our shared patients on the waitlist, and it benefits everyone now that we can proactively and efficiently exchange information.”

The Transplant Waitlist Support Program will be available for customization by other transplant centers across the country in the near future, allowing more patients and transplant center staff the opportunity to benefit from its seamless information updates.

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