Strategy 6: Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement

Optimize transplant program performance through the on-going implementation and use of protocols, research and innovation, and data-driven quality improvement/performance.

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  • Tools & Templates

    Quality Tools

    • Agenda QADownload – Cleveland Clinic
    • Case Review for LungsDownload
    • Causal Contributing Factors Track and TrendsDownload
    • Process and Outcomes MeasuresDownload
    • QAPI MatrixDownload
    • QAPI Report CardDownload – Cleveland Clinic
    • Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Template Download
    • RCA Transplant InfectionsDownload – Cleveland Clinic
    • Transplant Center Quality Plan Download
    • Transplant Listing ChecklistDownload – Methodist University Transplant Institute
    • Transplant Quality Assurance Performance Improvement PlanDownload – Methodist University Transplant Institute
    • Patient Safety / M&M / Occurrence ReviewDownload
    • Process Improvement Initiative Project List Example Download
    • Performance Improvement Project Template Download
    • Event Analysis Template Download
    • QAPI Metrics – Download
    • Protected Case ReviewDownload
    • The Holistic Approach to Clinical Problem Using Fishbone Format: A Simple Way for Clinical ReasoningDownload

    Provider – Evaluation of Transplant Programs

    • Transplant Program Evaluation Worksheet Download


    • Living Donor Nephrectomy Dashboard ExampleDownload
    • Living Donor Nephrectomy Regulatory Scorecard ExampleDownload
    • Compliance Dashboard Example Download

    Meeting Agenda Examples

    • Transplant Performance Improvement Steering Committee Meeting Agenda –Download
    • Heart Transplant QAPI Committee Meeting Agenda ExampleDownload

    Survey Readiness

    • Survey Interview QuestionsDownload – compiled by Transplant Administrators
    • CMS Surveyor Worksheet- Organ Transplant Program Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement WorksheetDownload


    • Making sense of SRTR & CUSUM (PPT) – Download
    • Heart QAPI Template (PPT) – Download
    • Introduction to Quality “What is Quality? And Why Do I Care?” (PPT) – Download
    • CMS Webinar Series: “Comprehensive Program and 5 Key Aspects” (PDF) – Download
    • CMS Webinar Series: “Adverse Events: Through Analysis” (PDF) – Download
    • Use of SRTR’s CUSUM Charts: When Should I Hit the Panic Button? (PPT) – Download – Jon Snyder, PhD; Nicholas Salkowski, PhD and Andrew Wey, PhD
    • Making Sense of SRTR Risk Adjustment Models (PPT) – Download – Jon Snyder, PhD

    Video Links

    • Karnofsky Scale Watch Video
    • Comparing Lean and Quality Improvement: HOW DOES LEAN COMPARE TO IHI’S APPROACH TO QI? Watch Video – Institute for Healthcare Improvement
    • An Illustrated Look at Quality Improvement in Health Care – Watch Video – Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • Data Integrity
    • Data Dictionary for TIEDI Fields – TCRDownload
    • Liver Forms LayoutsDownload
    • ASHRM White Paper Series “Serious Safety Events” A Focus on Harm Classification: Deviation in Care as LinkDownload
    • Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Program: A Resource Guide for Transplant SurveyorsDownload
  • Quality Links
    • CMS, CoP for Transplant ProgramsLink
    • CMS Surveyor Training: Transplant Transition Webinars – View
    • OPTN PoliciesView
    • The Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR), Publications, Presentations, and Posters – View
    • Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) – Link
    • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) – Link
    • UNOS ConnectLink
    • UNOS Transplant Pro: Patient SafetyLink
  • Relevant Literature
    • Appraisal of the Karnofsky Performance Status and Proposal of a Simple Algorithmic System for its EvaluationArticle – Péus, D., Newcomb, N. and Hofer, S. (2013). BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 13(1).
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