Strategy 4: Patient Centered Care

Organize care around the diverse needs of patients and families.

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This section has been reviewed and updated as of October 2018. 

  • Patient Education

    Informed Consent Samples

    • CMS Required Elements of Consent for Transplant PatientsDownload – The George Washington University Hospital
    • Consent for Accepting a Blood Type A2 or A2B KidneyDownload – The George Washington University Hospital

    General Transplant Patient Education

    • Checklist for Referring PhysiciansDownload – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
    • Food Safety for Transplant RecipientsLink – or email or to request copies.
      • For additional information visit the FDA Transplant Recipient site – Link
    • Partnering With Your Transplant Team: The Patient’s Guide to TransplantationLink
    • United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) – Link
    • Understanding the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS)Link
    • UNOS Patient WebsiteLink
    • Transplant Living (UNOS)Link
    • Transplant Policy Brochures (UNOS)Link
    • Explore Transplant & Living Donation  – Link
    • Living Donor ToolkitLink – AST

    Heart Transplant Patient Education

    • About Heart Transplant link – Emory University Hospital
    • Heart Transplantlink – American Heart Association
    • Heart Transplantlink – National Heart, Lung, Blood Institute

    Kidney Transplant Patient Education

    • American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP)Link
    • A Guide to Pediatric Kidney TransplantLink – University Transplant Center for Children
    • About Kidney Transplant – Link – Emory University Hospital
    • After Your Transplant (Kidney) – Link – Duke Transplant Center
    • Before Your Transplant (Kidney)Link – Duke Transplant Center
    • Dialysis/Transplant Comparison ChartLink
    • Living Kidney DonationLink – University Transplant Center
    • What is a Kidney Transplant and How Does it Work?Link
    • About the Kidney Transplant Learning CenterLink – UNOS
    • Kidney Transplant Spanish WebsiteLink – Informate

    Kidney & Pancreas Transplant Patient Education

    • Kidney-Pancreas Transplantlink – Barnes Jewish Hospital
    • Kidney-Pancreas Transplantationlink – National Kidney Foundation

    Liver Transplant Patient Education

    • About Liver Transplantation – link – Emory Transplant Center
    • After Your Transplant (Liver)link – Duke Transplant Center
    • Liver Transplant – link – National Liver Foundation
    • Liver Transplant Patient Education Classlink – University of Michigan Transplant Center

    Lung Transplant Patient Education

    • A Patient’s Guide to Lung Transplantlink – University Transplant Center
    • After Lung Transplantationlink – International Transplant Nurses Society
    • After Your Transplant (Lung)link – Duke Transplant Center
    • Before Your Transplant – Part I (Lung)link – Duke Transplant Center
    • Beginning the Conversation with Patients and Families about Lung Transplantdownload – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
    • Beginning the Lung Transplant Conversation with Cystic Fibrosis Patients and their Familiesdownload – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
    • Lung Transplantlink – Barnes Jewish Hospital
    • Lung Transplant Evaluation Education Sessionsdownload – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
    • Lung Transplant Patient Education Booklink – University of Virginia Health System
    • Lung Transplant TodayLink
  • Pediatric Education

    Transitioning Pediatrics to AdultsLink – UNC STARx Transition Program

  • Relevant Literature
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