Strategy 1: Institutional Vision and Commitment

Recognize that transplant is unique from other health services. Hospital leadership demonstrates a commitment to making transplantation an institutional priority and to assure adequate organizational resources to develop a successful program.

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This strategy is currently under review and revision.

Job Descriptions & Orientation & Competency Tools

  • Tools & Templates

    Organizational Chart Examples

    • Comprehensive Transplant Center – Organizational Chart ExampleDownload
    • Performance ScorecardDownload – Kovler Organ Transplantation Center, Northwestern Medical Center
    • Transplant Center Administrative ChartDownload
    • Transplant Department Reporting StructureDownload
    • Transplant Organizational Chart Example Download
    • Transplant Organizational Chart ExampleDownload – Methodist University Transplant Institute
  • Leadership Development & Literature


    Accepting submissions.

    Relevant Literature

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