Strategy 2: Dedicated Team

Create a dedicated team by creating a collaborative and rewarding work environment that attracts. retains, and is supported by highly-skilled, dynamic, and committed transplant professionals.

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  • Professional Links

    Resources for Transplant Professionals

    Transplant Professional Organizations

  • Job Descriptions, Orientation & Competencies

    Job Descriptions:

    Job Descriptions (click on link)

    Staff Orientation Materials

    • Transplant Coordinator – Core Competency Assessment Tool for Newly HiredDownload – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
    • Transplant Coordinator – Orientation Competency Sign OffDownload
    • Transplant Financial Coordinator – Orientation Competencies – Download
    • Transplant Financial Coordinator – Orientation Competency Checklist – Download
    • Social Worker OrientationDownload – INTEGRIS Nazih Zuhdi Transplant Center INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center

    Staff Competency Materials

    • Annual Liver Competency Quiz – Download
    • Competency-based Job Description Template – Download – Rutgers University
    • Transplant Dietician CompetencyDownload – INTEGRIS Nazih Zuhdi Transplant Center INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center
    • Transplant Pharmacist CompetencyDownload – INTEGRIS Nazih Zuhdi Transplant Center INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center

    Transplant Onboarding Program (click on image to learn more)


    Transplant Mentorship Program (click on image to learn more)

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    • Dedicated Team Reference Citations – Download
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  • Archive
    • Where has all the staff gone? Strategies to recruit and retain quality staff – Article – Hauff HM. (2007), Prog Transplant, 17(2): 89-93.
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