Transplant C-Suite Snapshot Series

The Transplant C-Suite Snapshot Series is designed for healthcare senior executives of transplant centers and hospitals. These brief, bi-annual issues focus on transplant-related topics relevant to top-tier hospital leadership. For each topic, you can find related references, resources, and tools posted here.

Volume III, Issue 1: Transplant Contracting Considerations
  • WEBISODE: “Transplant Contracting Considerations” featuring Mindy Scharlin, MPH, of Stanford Health Care and Alexander Aussi, BSN, RN, MBA of Guidry & East.

Volume II, Issue 2: Establishing a Transplant Institute
  • WEBISODE: “The Transplant Institute: A Model for Alignment and Integration” featuring Dr. Marwan Abouljoud and Robert Hawkins of Henry Ford Trasnplant Institute in Detroit, MI.

  • QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS: Our webisode presenters have graciously requested that their contact information be published for questions or comments from colleagues.

Volume II, Issue 1: Regulatory Oversight and Requirements

Volume I, Issue 2: Medicare Reimbursement for Organ Acquisition Costs
  • For more resources, visit the Provider Reimbursement Manual.
  • WEBISODE: “Medicare Reimbursement for Organ Acquisition Costs” featuring Robert Howey, MBA, MHA, CPA – Senior Director at Toyon Associates, Inc.

Volume I, Issue 1: Provider Profitability and Reimbursement