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UC Health performs first liver transplant in US using mobile cold perfusion pump

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Transplant surgeons at UC Health’s University of Cincinnati (UC) Medical Center have performed the first-ever liver transplant in the United States with an organ preserved using portable hypothermic machine perfusion. The technology, which had been under development for several years, is designed to circulate a specially formulated, cold-temperature medical solution throughout a donor liver during its journey from the point of donation to surgical transplantation into a recipient.

This “active” preservation device was invented to improve upon traditional “static” cold preservation, ...

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Keeping donated livers warm could improve transplants

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Surgeons pack donated organs on ice while racing them to transplant patients but it may be time for a warmer approach. British researchers said Wednesday that keeping at least some livers at body temperature instead may work better.

The livers keep functioning until they’re transplanted thanks to a machine that pumps them full of blood and nutrients. It’s a life-support system for the organs and similar machines are being explored for lung and heart transplants, too.

The transplant community isn’t ditching affordable ...

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