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Study shows promise for donor lung preservation device

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A landmark study conducted by a team of researchers found that a portable perfusion device was associated with less primary graft dysfunction, a syndrome of acute lung injury that occurs within the first 72 hours after transplantation, compared to standard ice preservation of a donor lung during transportation from donor to transplant patient. Their work was published recently in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

“This was the largest trial of its kind in the history of organ preservation and marks ...

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Virtual Journal Club: Current State of Ex-Vivo Lung Perfusion

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Lung transplantation is the preferred treatment for patients with end-stage lung disease. Worldwide, the number of lung transplants performed annually has steadily increased, with approximately 4000 lung transplants performed in 2013. Despite this growth, the number of lungs available for transplantation fails to meet the needs of those patients on the waiting list. In the United States alone, 2394 patients were newly listed in 2013 with a waitlist mortality rate of 15.1 per 100 patient years. The supply and demand ...

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