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Hospital staff line corridors for donor ‘Walk of Respect’

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BOISE, Idaho – Workers and medical staff at a hospital in Idaho recently lined the halls to pay their respects for an organ donor.

Staff there call it a “Walk of Respect.”

St. Luke’s Health System posted the video to its Facebook page, showing staffers lining the halls as a patient is moved from intensive care to an operating room where he was removed from machine support.

“Thank you to the family for allowing us to honor and share,” the ...

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Education Corner: Clinical and Ethical Challenges in Pediatric Brain Death Determination

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Definition of Pediatric Brain Death

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP):

Determination of brain death in neonates, infants and children relies on a clinical diagnosis that is based on the absence of neurologic function with a known irreversible cause of coma.

Determination of Brain Death

  1. Identify the cause of irreversible brain injury
  2. Exclude conditions that can ...
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Education Corner – Brain Death Pronouncement

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Brain Death Pronouncement

Summary Points:

  • State legislation provides guidance on requirements for brain death determination.
  • The AAN provides best practice recommendations for the determination process.
  • Ancillary tests are not required by legislation, but should be utilized only when the clinical examination cannot be fully performed or confounders cannot be corrected.
  • Apnea testing is not an ancillary test – it is an essential part of the clinical evaluation, testing brainstem function.

Best practices in pronouncing brain death include following state legislative requirements and the American ...

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