Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation: A Community Hospital Resource Guide

Organ, eye and tissue donation can be an infrequent but high-impact occurrence in community hospitals. In an effort to enhance collaborations between community hospitals and their local organ procurement organization, and to increase donation performance, The Alliance Donation Leadership Council has developed this Community Hospital Resource Guide – a comprehensive, electronic resource for hospital senior leaders, designed to:

  • Increase awareness of hospital data measuring donation performance
  • Provide essential education on donor management processes and practices
  • Provide model practices for collaboration and communication between OPOs and hospitals, including implementation of interdisciplinary donation councils
  • Offer suggested resources for donation education

This guide includes five essential areas of focus to develop a successful organ, eye, and tissue donation program within your hospital, and help ensure regulatory and accreditation compliance. Utilizing the principles outlined in this guide, your local organ procurement organization (OPO) will be able to guide you and be an excellent partner in helping you to develop a robust organ, eye and tissue donation program.

We invite hospital senior leaders to critically evaluate their organ, eye, and tissue donation program in relation to the five essentials and to partner and collaborate with their local OPO.

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  • Using Interactive Navigation

    This guide is equipped with interactive navigation. Use these steps to effectively navigate the content.

    1. Save the PDF file to your computer. The file is best utilized in a non-browser version of Adobe Acrobat.

    2. Open the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat (not your browser).

    3. Locate the bookmarks icon in Adobe Acrobat to expand the interactive table of contents.

    4. Click the arrow next to each section to display the collapsed topics.

    5. Return to the table of contents at any time by using the bookmarks tab or selecting “Back to Table of Contents” at the bottom of each page.

  • C-Suite Snapshot Special Edition

    This special edition of The Alliance Hospital C-Suite Snapshot Series has been developed to introduce senior leaders to the Community Hospital Resource Guide. We encourage you to download it and share with your hospital partners!

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  • Donation Leadership Council

    The Alliance Donation Leadership council is a national assembly of experts from across the donation, transplantation and health care community. These experts work to develop resources and education to improve and advance the organ donation process. The Donation Leadership Council supports hospital and donation professionals’ efforts in the sharing of knowledge, data and successful practices as it relates to identification of potential donors, family support and communication, and optimizing the availability of organs for transplantation.

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