Redefining the Donation Conversation in New #BeTheGift Campaign

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Signing up to be an organ donor means thinking about what happens after you die, which can be uncomfortable, so DCI Donor Services is appealing to potential donors differently.

“We thought what we had to do was battle these myths and misunderstandings about organ and tissue donation,” said Michael Ashmore, communications director at DCI. “As it turns out, when we started talking about this campaign, all these myths are such a small percentage of why people don’t do it. People just don’t think about unless it affects your family, and its not top of mind for anybody.”

DCI developed a campaign to make consumers think about organ and tissue donation, #BeTheGift. The campaign has to overcome two challenges: reframing the typical organ-donor campaign and educating people about how to sign up to be an organ donor.

The campaign is launching with a combined social and on-the-ground push. DCI will kick off the effort at the Transplant Games of America this week. Supporters will hand out big red bows, the main image of the campaign, and encourage people to sign up and share the news on social media.

DCI wanted to break from the tactic of telling inspiring, but often sad, stories to get people’s attention and instead do something friendlier, even fun.

“When you ask people who are not organ or tissue donors why they didn’t do it, so many people say, ‘I just can’t think about it,’” Ashmore said. “We live in a culture that doesn’t want to talk about death. But even in death, your body can give life.”

Therefore, the campaign is focused on “the gift” of life and the civic duty to help others in need.

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