Donor Designation

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  • Increasing Donor Designation


    Academic Journals

    • Education on Organ Donation and Transplantation in Primary School; Teachers’ Support and the First Results of a Teaching ModuleArticle – Siebelink, M., Verhagen, A., Roodbol, P., Albers, M. and Van de Wiel, H. (2017). PLOS ONE, 12(5), p.e0178128.
    • Effects of Classroom Education on Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Organ Donation in Ethnically Diverse Urban High SchoolsArticle – Cárdenas, V., Thornton, J., Wong, K., Spigner, C. and Allen, M. (2010). Clinical Transplantation, 24(6), pp.784-793.
    • The Effect of State Policies on Organ Donation and Transplantation in the United StatesArticle (subscription) – Chatterjee, P., Venkataramani, A., Vijayan, A., Wellen, J. and Martin, E. (2015). JAMA Internal Medicine, 175(8), p.1323.
    • A Student Leadership Model for Promoting Educational Programs in Organ Donation and Transplantation Article (subscription) -Reville, P., Zhao, C., Perez, T., Nowacki, A., Phillips, D., et al. (2013). Transplantation Proceedings, 45(4), pp.1287-1294.
  • Legal Framework
  • Family Conversations
    • Family Conversation Resource Guide – Download – LifeSource
    • First Person Authorization Family Opposition-Language for Bedside StaffDownload – Midwest Transplant Network
  • Process for Honoring Donor Designation
    • Donation by Donor Designation PolicyDownload – LifeSource
    • Donor Designation Family Opposition – Family Support Worksheet – Download – Midwest Transplant Network
    • Escalation Policy FlowsheetDownload – Nebraska Organ Recovery Services
    • First Person Authorization Algorithm – Download –Midwest Transplant Network / University of Kansas Hospital
    • Process Flowcharts for Donor Designation – Download – LifeSource
    • Registered Donor AlgorithmDownload – Donor Network of Arizona
  • Archive
    • D2S2 Final Report – Download
    • Resolution for Donation – First Person Authorization  – Download – Public Health Safety Committee / National Association of Attorneys General