New Technology Increases Transplantable Corneas

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The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank said one new technology that contributed to the increase allows the eye bank to transplant corneas that were not usable just a few years ago. Robert Austin, a spokesperson for the eye bank, said a new surgical technique called Descemet’s Stripping Endothelial Kertatoplasty (DSEK) has become more popular. “Before the DSEK procedure came along, corneas from donors who had undergone LASIK surgery to correct their vision could not be transplanted because the laser changed the outer structure of the cornea,” Austin said, “however, we’re now able to split that cornea lengthwise and transplant just the back side, which hasn’t been touched by the laser. That means the millions of people who’ve had LASIK surgery can still restore sight in others by becoming eye, organ and tissue donors.”



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