Neonatal Organ Donor Potential – What does the Data Show?

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The objective of a recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics by Dr. Justin Stiers et al., was to explore the percentage of donation after circulatory determination of death (DCDD) potentials in neonates in a single neonatal ICU (NICU). The data includes actual donors and describes reasons for ineligibility in those who did not become donors.

A retrospective analysis of 136 deaths in the NICU, between January 1, 2010, through May 7, 2013, was performed to determine DCDD potential. Specific criteria were utilized to identify those potentials.

The results demonstrated 44.1% met DCDD criteria, however fewer than 10% were referred to the regional organ procurement organization for evaluation. The authors concluded that despite size often being a rule-out for neonatal donation, “improved education with regards to referral criteria and the importance of timely referral by neonatologists and other members of the NICU team would result in a significant increase of future donations.”


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Stiers J, Aguayo C, Siatta A, Presson AP, Perez R, DiGeronimo R. Potential and Actual Neonatal Organ and Tissue Donation After Circulatory Determination of Death. JAMA Pediatr. Published online May 11, 2015. doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2015.0317

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