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Dear Alliance Community:

This past week the 2014 donation and transplant data were posted to the OPTN website and it is heartening to report that deceased donation increased 4% over 2013. However, it is disheartening to share that living donation declined 3% and 2014 saw only a 1.4% increase in total organs transplanted. Identifying the practices that have led to improvements and can be promulgated and those interventions that are needed to address the declines requires a multifaceted engagement of the entire Donation and Transplantation Community of Practice (DTCP). And, this is the purpose and function of The Alliance; a purpose that can be fulfilled only with the active participation of each of us.

Fortunately for all of us, The Alliance has reinvigorated this effort by collaborating with our partnership with every major professional society and association that affects donation and transplant; with our  Alliance Board including representatives from ACHE, AHA, AOPO, AST, ASTS, JC, SCCM, SRTR, and UNOS. This leadership group has guided, with the very able leadership of our Executive Director LeAnn Swanson, the development of a new strategic plan that is designed to ensure that The Alliance is positioned to expand on the success of the Collaborative, especially in light of now being fully independent of the support and the necessary limitations of HRSA funding. The new Alliance is positioned to be an even more active partner with the community.

If you haven’t yet visited it, the new, very easy to use and well designed and branded Alliance website brings our community together and shares the tools we continue to develop, refine, and change practice to save lives.

The Alliance also offers everyone in the community a meeting place to share and learn via the Organ Donation Toolbox that shares successful and standard practices from across the country and around the world on  more than a dozen topics with hundreds of guidelines, forms, protocols, and articles to assist in the hands-on and strategic improvement of donation practice.

The Alliance Leadership Councils offer an opportunity for those of us who have demonstrated expertise and unique professional experience to participate in the identification, assessment, research, and promulgation of practice improvements. And right now The Alliance is looking for members to join the Leadership and Innovation Councils, so do visit this page, take a look, and ideally you can nominate yourself or a colleague and bring new insights to our Community.

The Alliance Webinar Series shares new and trending developments as well as training in established best practices in real-time, and is available to DTCP practitioners from the front-line to the executive office.

The Transplant Quality Resource Guide provides a template to address quality improvement both as a necessary formal function and to assist in substantive efforts to create lasting and measurable improvements in transplant outcomes.

The Alliance also makes it very easy to access UNOS/OPTN Reports at our link to the DTCP scorecard and Gap reports and slides.

Finally, I hope you can keep in daily touch with news form the Alliance by Liking and Joining us on Facebook and LinkedIn and following The Alliance Blog and stay abreast of trending successes in our mission to advance donation and transplant practice to meet our shared goal of ending deaths on the waitlists.


Tom Mone
The Alliance

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