Male to Female Corneal Transplants May Have Greater Rejection Risk

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Women who undergo a corneal transplant may have a worse outcome if their donor is male, according to a study published online July 14 in the American Journal of Transplantation.

The study involved 18,171 corneal transplant patients. More than 80% still had a working cornea after 5 years. Of those who had a failed transplant or tissue rejection, more were women who had received a cornea from a male donor.

On average, 180 transplants fail for every 1,000 gender-matched procedures, compared with 220 failures among every 1,000 male-to-female transplants, according to the researchers. They said these results were especially evident among patients with Fuchs endothelial dystrophy.

The findings are most likely associated with the male Y chromosome, study leader Stephen Kaye, MD, an ophthalmologist at The Royal Liverpool University Hospital in the United Kingdom, said in a journal news release.

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