Liver Preservation with Machine Perfusion and Newly Developed Cell-Free Oxygen Carrier Solution

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Fontes et al. describe in their study the use of a new preservation modality combining a new hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier solution with machine perfusion at subnormothermic conditions. According to Fontes et al., liver transplant volumes have remained stagnant for the past years with continued deaths on the national waitlist. While there has been an increase in ECD and DCD donors, liver utilization remains suboptimal and high discard rates are observed. This new system, would allow for the ongoing provision of effective oxygenation to liver tissue during the cold ischemic time and may improve outcomes with ECD and DCD livers. While this was a small study in animals, which will require further work, the initial findings were encouraging with 100% survival rate with excellent graft function in the pre-clinical large animal experiments.

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Fontes P, Lopez R, van der Plaats A. Liver preservation with machine perfusion and a newly developed cell-free oxygen carrier solution under subnormothermic conditions. American Journal of Transplantation. 2005; 15: 381-394.

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