The Alliance is pleased to announce the formation of three new Leadership Councils.

To see a list of council members visit The Alliance A-Team page:

The Donor Management Leadership Council:

This council is comprised of leaders from high performing donor hospitals and transplant centers from across the nation, including intensivists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, transplant surgeons and organ procurement professionals. These leaders convene annually to share knowledge in order to improve and advance the outcomes of and decrease the variation in donor management practices among OPOs and hospitals nationwide.

Click here to view: Council Charter

Current Projects:

  • Organ Donation Advanced Seminar for Standardized Clinical Education (ODASSCE)
    ODASSCE: Organ Donation Education for Clinicians™ is an interactive course designed to fill an unmet need in the medical community by guiding clinicians through comprehensive discussions of the donation process. The training curriculum was piloted in May 2017 and a second pilot is planned for late 2017.
  • State Hospital & State Medical Association Outreach
    This initiative aims to equip the State Hospital and State Medical Associations with change packets to equip and prepare small, rural community hospitals with donation process information and tools.

Completed Projects include:

  • Donor Intervention Research Expert Panel
    A proposal to establish a centralized oversight mechanism to facilitate deceased donor intervention research was finalized and submitted by a Donor Intervention Expert Research Panel workgroup. This proposal has been taken on by the Institute of Medicine and is currently being researched further. Read more about the proposal here.
  • Donor Management Summit:
    A National Donor Management Summit was held in May 2017. This Summit brought together national and locally recognized experts in the field of donation to share how to effectively integrate organ donor management practices throughout the continuum of care. This program will be offered every other year. To read updates about offerings, click here.
The Transplant Leadership Council:

This council is comprised of expert leaders from across the nation representing medical, surgical, regulatory, quality and administrative areas from high performing transplant programs. These leaders work to promote the engagement of transplant centers as critical partners in the donation and transplantation community, by examining and addressing issues relevant to transplant center performance and improvement. Council members will convene on an annual basis to share knowledge and explore innovative strategies for advancing transplant center professionals’ efforts to end deaths on the national organ transplant waiting list.

Click here to view: Council Charter

Current Projects:

  • Transplant Mentorship Program
    An initiative to provide new and experienced transplant professionals with access to role and/or skill specific mentorship connections across the nation.

Completed Projects:

  • Transplant Onboarding Program
    OnboardingU: Training for Transplant Staff™ is a new initiative featuring a library of online training modules intended to supplement a transplant center’s new employee orientation program. To learn more and register for this program, click here.
The Leadership and Innovation Council:

This council is comprised of national leaders from organ procurement organizations, donor hospitals and transplant centers who are focused on utilizing available data and knowledge with the intent of driving performance excellence and innovative practices to improve donation outcomes. This council works to ensure cross-organizational decision making and coordination is achieved so that innovation-related activities across the industry are strategically aligned and coordinated. This Council convenes annually to discuss and identify strategic solutions as to where, when and how the donation and transplantation industry will pursue growth and advance the industry forward into the future.

Click here to view:  Council Charter

Current Projects:

  • Kidney Utilization Project
    A national initiative to increase the availability of kidneys for transplant. This project has engaged 35 OPOs to utilize replicable strategies from OPOs who successfully demonstrated a high kidney utilization rate, and identified new strategies with the goal of increasing the utilization of at-risk kidneys.
  • Innovation Conference
    Serving as a theme for the next National Critical Issues Forum, the Council is coordinating this Forum with a focus on innovation in practice to increase organ utilization and organ transplantation.
  • Leadership Development Course
    This offering would allow for collaborative leadership development to foster increased communication and collaboration between key donation and transplantation stakeholders, while being equipped with leadership skills to effect change and advancements.
  • Organ Utilization Network
    An initiative to connect surgeons across the country to provide support in acceptance, recovery and transplantation practices that would yield higher organ acceptance and utilization.
  • Honoring the Gift of Life at the End of Life
    An initiative to increase awareness surrounding the need for consideration of living donation among patients diagnosed with a terminal illness such as amytrophic lateral sclerosis.

These councils began operation in January 2015 with the main purpose of advancing the industry’s efforts to increase and improve the organ donation process, end deaths on the transplant waiting list and explore innovative practices for improving donation and transplantation outcomes.

If you are interested in learning more about these Councils or would like to become involved in the Councils, please contact The Alliance at or 786-866-8730.