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The Donation Leadership Council:

The Donation Leadership Council will work to develop and provide resources and education to improve and advance the organ donation process. The council will support hospital and donation professionals’ efforts in the sharing of knowledge, data and successful practices as it relates to identification of potential donors, family support and communication, and optimizing the availability of organs for transplantation.

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The Transplant Leadership Council:

The Alliance Transplant Leadership Council will work to promote engagement of transplant centers by identifying issues and developing programs and resources relevant to transplant center performance and advancement. The council will support transplant center professionals’ efforts to end deaths on the national organ transplant waiting list, increase organ utilization and improve transplant patient outcomes.

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The Leadership and Innovation Council:

The Leadership and Innovation Council will facilitate leadership networking and innovative idea exchange, development and implementation within the organ donation and transplantation community in an effort to save and heal more lives.

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These councils began operation in January 2015 with the main purpose of advancing the industry’s efforts to increase and improve the organ donation process, end deaths on the transplant waiting list and explore innovative practices for improving donation and transplantation outcomes.

If you are interested in learning more about these Councils or would like to become involved in the Councils, please contact The Alliance at or 786-866-8730.