Kidney is Focus of 3rd SOS Science Summit

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High incidences of uncontrolled high blood pressure and obesity-linked diabetes are large driving factors for kidney disease which is reaching an epidemic level, according to entities such as the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes for Health.

Of the 123,231 patients waiting for organ transplants, 101,699 are waiting for kidney transplants, yet only about 28,500 – 29,500 kidneys are transplanted each year, which is not making gains with the growth of the list. (Data retrieved from

To address this tremendous disparity, top academic investigators and clinicians from leading U.S. research universities will be gathering on September 10-11 to participate in the Kidney Regeneration & Bioengineering State-of-the-Science Summit. This is the third organ-specific summit convened by Solving Organ Shortage.

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