Johns Hopkins to Trial New and Innovative Transplant

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Johns Hopkins Set to Begin Penis Transplant Program

Officials from the Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine said that within the next year it will begin offering penis transplants, specifically for wounded soldiers. The surgery will use an organ from a deceased donor and doctors believe that within months, the patients should start to regain urinary function, sensation, and ultimately sexual function.

The surgery is experimental. To date, there has been one successful penile transplant—a 21-year-old man in South Africa who lost his penis following a ritual circumcision, as RH Reality Check reported. Doctors in China have attempted a penis transplant, but that surgery was not successful.

Doctors at Johns Hopkins will attempt 60 such surgeries and monitor the results so the university can decide if it will become a routinely available option. The risks of such surgery are similar to those in any transplant, including blood loss and infection. Recipients will have to continually take anti-rejection drugs. There is concern that these drugs increase the risk of cancer.

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