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All organizations related to donation, transplantation and healthcare are welcome to submit open positions to the job board. Postings are $100 each and may be submitted through The Alliance Community Portal. Upon login, click on “Job Bank” in the main menu. Postings are valid for 60 days or until you remove them from the Job Board. Reposting of a job after 60 days will count as a new posting.

If you do not have a login account on The Alliance Community Portal, please contact us at info@odt-alliance.org.

Professional Partner organizations are entitled to the following allotment of free postings per partnership year:
Executive Level: 4 free postings
Partner Level: 2 free postings
Colleague Level: 1 free posting

If you are a Professional/Corporate Partner and wish to claim one of your free postings, please email the job description to info@odt-alliance.org. Be sure to include the following criteria:

  • Job Title
  • Organization Name
  • Job Description
  • City & State
  • Region (Pacific, Rocky Mountain, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, Northeast, International)
  • Job Category (Executive, Coordinator, Multidisciplinary Team Role, Assistant, Physician, Sales/Marketing, Quality, Communications/PR, Leadership/Management, Finance, Other)
  • Job Type (Contract, FT, PT, Remote)
  • Salary Range
  • Hourly/Salaried
  • Indicate how to submit applications (via email or through a website link)
  • Organization logo (optional, but recommended)

Jobs submitted without all of the required criteria may be declined or delayed in posting to the Job Board.

A single posting is valid for 60 days or until you email us at info@odt-alliance.org to have it removed. Reposting of a job after 60 days will count as an additional posting.

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