The Hospital C-Suite Snapshot Series is designed for healthcare senior executives. These brief, bi-annual issues focus on organ, eye, and tissue donation-related topics relevant to top-tier hospital leadership. For each topic, you can find related references, resources, and tools posted here.

Spring 2020: Shared Access to Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and other medical facilities are scrambling to ensure data can be shared effectively. EMR access allows OPOs to continue facilitating the gift of life, even when physical access to the hospital is limited. With remote EMR access, OPOs can assess possible leads and research eligible donors without being present in the hospital. This allows them to work more effectively with hospital staff to respond to donor referrals while decreasing the number of people in the hospital, thereby reducing risk of exposure to COVID-19. This crisis will inevitably result in learnings of how well our systems performed, what our areas of vulnerability are, and how we fix them for the future.
  • Helpful Links:
  • VIDEO: “Advancements in Organ Donation: Insight from an OPO Leader” featuring Shelley Snyder, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Kentucky Organ Donor Affliliates

Fall 2019: Optimizing Organ & Tissue Donation Within Hospital Systems

Fall 2019 Special Edition: The Alliance Community Hospital Resource Guide

Spring 2019: Creating a Culture of Donation

Fall 2018: Organ Donation: CMS Essentials
  • VIDEO: “Hospital-OPO Partnership” featuring James Kravec, MD, FACP – Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer, Mercy Health Youngstown

Winter 2018: The Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
  • To find your state’s UAGA, visit the Organ Donation Toolbox and select the Legal & Regulatory Section.
  • VIDEO: “Advocacy for Donors Without Available Next of Kin: A Hospital Administrator’s Perspective” featuring Paul Hayes, Executive Director, Harborview Medical Center

Editor’s Note: A previous edition of this document inadvertently omitted “Guardian or Conservator” from the order of decision-makers. (Updated 6/19/18)

Fall 2017: Legal Aspects of a Registered Donor
  • To find your state’s UAGA, visit the Organ Donation Toolbox and select the Legal & Regulatory Section.
  • VIDEO: “Advocacy for Registered Donors: A Hospital Administrator’s Perspective” featuring Dr. Alan R. Pope, Chief Medical Officer, Lourdes Health System

Spring 2017: Organ Donation: What a CEO Needs to Know