Growing Bio-Lungs for Organ Donation?

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The idea of growing replacement lungs, grown from the cells of the person who needs them, in a laboratory and then transferring these into the patient falls within the field of regenerative medicine.

This could come about by using a patient’s own cells to create new organs in decellularized scaffolds. To achieve this a device would be required to hold the lungs and allow them to grow.

This is the basis of studies conducted at Yale University. The study to date has been a proof of concept one: to see if lungs can be grown and held under stable conditions. According Dr. Sam Brickman Raredon “It’s a thought experiment. How can you replicate the lungs in a human body?” The researcher then adds, in conversation with Biotechnqiues, “The most important thing for developing successful organ culture is very careful manual work. It’s like surgery; how you handle the organ is critical, and it can be hard to replicate results, so the next step is to incorporate automation.”

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