First Transplant in the World for a Unique Patient

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Brad Jordan, 24 years, and Bri Jordan, his older sister, were born with primordial dwarfism. According to Dr. Craig Langman, for patients with primordial dwarfism, the bone cells generally do not develop after birth or by the end of the first year of their life. It is a genetic mutation which also impacts the blood vessels, causing them to be weakened, and placing patients with this condition at higher risk for brain aneurysms. Brad has undergone three life-saving neurosurgeries and then in 2010, his kidneys begun to fail leading to dialysis.

The transplant team at Lurie Children’s Hospital and Dr. Langman, a pediatric kidney specialist, decided to attempt a kidney transplant from Brad’s uncle. There were obstacles to navigate, including the concern of how to attach the new kidney to Brad’s malformed blood vessels and whether the blood vessels could hold the stitches. An added challenge was that Brad’s uncle, a police officer who is over six feet tall, had a large kidney in comparison to Brad’s small stature. This posed some additional technical challenges.

However the Lurie Children’s Hospital team and Dr. Langman succeeded in their goal and Brad is doing well. This successful procedure has now opened the doors for other patients with primordial dwarfism to seek the option of a kidney transplant.

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