The Education Corner is a one-page educational piece on a topic recently presented on a webinar. The Education Corner is also attached to our webinar announcements, on our blog, and also on our social media sites. The Education Corner can be posted and shared within your organizations.


  • Volume 5
  • Volume 4

    Volume IV, Issue 11:

    The 2019 Donate Life Rose Parade Floatdownload

    Volume IV, Issue 10:

    National Donor Sabbathdownload

    Volume IV, Issue 9:

    The Opioid Epidemic – Organ Donation & Organ Transplantationdownload

    Volume IV, Issue 8:

    Clinical and Ethical Challenges in Pediatric Brain Death Determination – download

    Volume IV, Issue 7:

    Frailty Assessment Among Kidney Transplant Candidatesdownload

    Volume IV, Issue 6:

    Donate Life ECHO: Every Community Has Opportunity – download

    Volume IV, Issue 5:

    Hepatitis C Positive Organ Donors: Is That Possible? – download

    Volume IV, Issue 4:

    Serology Testing for Deceased Organ Donors – download

    Volume IV, Issue 3:

    April is National Donate Life Month! – download

    Volume IV, Issue 2:

    Developing a Transplant Outreach Program – download

    Volume IV, Issue 1:

    Communication in Crisis Moments – download

  • Volume 3

    Volume III, Issue 9:

    2018 Donate Life Rose Parade Float – download

    Volume III, Issue 8:

    Brain Death Pronouncement – download

    Volume III, Issue 7:

    Developing Advances in Organ Transplantation: Organ Banking – What is it? – download

    Volume III, Issue 6:

    Test Your Donation & Transplant Knowledge – download

    Volume III, Issue 5:

    Communicating CBI / TBI to a Family – download

    Volume III, Issue 4:

    Supporting Children in Grief and through Donation – download

    Volume III, Issue 3:

    April is National Donate Life Monthdownload

    Volume III, Issue 2:

    How is it decided who receives the organs from an organ-donor? – download

    Volume III, Issue 1:

    Managing Stress & Preventing Burnoutdownload

  • Volume 2

    Volume II, Issue 12:

    Donate Life Rose Parade Floatdownload

    Volume II, Issue 11:

    Kidney Pumpingdownload

    Volume II, Issue 10:

    Donation Quiz – download

    Volume II, Issue 9:

    Malignancies and Organ Donation – download

    Volume II, Issue 8:

    Can Someone with a Transplant Become Pregnant? – download

    Volume II, Issue 7:

    The Preparation of Power: The Huddle Process – download

    Volume II, Issue 6:

    Penile Transplantation – download

    Volume II, Issue 5:

    Uterus Transplantation – download

    Volume II, Issue 4:

    National Donate Life Month – download

    Volume II, Issue 3:

    Lobar Lung Transplantation – download

    Volume II, Issue 2:

    Impact of Zika Virus on Organ Donation & Transplantationdownload

    Volume II, Issue 1:

    HIV and Organ Donation & Transplantationdownload

  • Volume 1

    Volume I, Issue 7:

    The 2016 Donate Life Rose Parade Float – download

    Volume I, Issue 6:

    National Donor Sabbath – download

    Volume I, Issue 5:

    Brain Death Declaration: A Nursing Perspectivedownload

    Volume I, Issue 4:

    Cultural Competence through Cultural Humilitydownload

    Volume I, Issue 3:

    Advance Care Planning Documents & The Donation Processdownload

    Volume I, Issue 2:

    Best Practices and Next Steps with Living Donationdownload

    Volume I, Issue 1:

    First Person Authorization (FPA) and Donation after Circulatory Determination of Death (DCDD)download