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Past webinars:

2017 Webinars

November 2017 – Can Nanotechnology and Vitrification Change the Face of Organ Transplantation?

November 2017 – Navigating Transplant Outcomes: What Transplant Centers Need to Know

November 2017 – My Death, My Decision, My Donation

October 2017 – Undertaking & Superintending of Pediatric & Adult Population Non-Adherence

October 2017 – Brain Death Declaration: A Nursing Perspective

October 2017 – Heart The Other Thoracic Organ

September 2017 – Pairing the Kidney: Selection and Management for Dual Transplants

September 2017 – Innovation Webinar: Lung Technologies and Impact on Lung Recovery Practices

September 2017 – Navigating Ethically Challenging Scenarios

August 2017 – What is that Bug? Current Infectious Diseases and their Risk to Transplantation

August 2017 – What Happens in the OR Shouldn’t Stay in the OR: Sharing Best Practices Before, During, and After an Organ Recovery

June 2017 – HLA Communication Strategies: Troubleshooting the Issues and Improving the Process

June 2017 – Creating Lasting Legacies through Donor Memorials

May 2017 – Transplantation Across Humoral Barriers

May 2017 – Dissecting & Discussing Clinically Complicated Cases

April 2017 – Where Are All the Pancreas Transplants?

April 2017 – Technologies in Organ Donation Management

March 2017 – Advances and Current Status of Living Donor Liver Transplantation (LDLT) in the U.S.

March 2017 – Tissue and Cornea Donation: From Recovery and Beyond

March 2017 – Innovation Webinar: DCDD Heart Recovery & Transplantation: The U.K. Experience

February 2017 – Strategies for Waitlist Management & Managing Patient Risk

February 2017 – Supporting Children through the Donation Process

January 2017- Evaluating OPOs by Donor Conversion and Donor Yield: How the SRTR Risk Adjustment Models Work

January 2017- Demystifying Kidney Paired Donation: From a Clinical and Administrative Perspective


  • 2016 Webinars

    December 2016- Innovation Webinar: Pig to Human Heart Transplantation- What does the future hold?

    November 2016 – Kidney Allocation System (KAS) after 18 Months

    November 2016 – Cultivating Relationships between the OPO, Transplant Centers, and Hospitals

    October 2016 – The Role of Robotic Surgery in Living Donation

    October 2016 – The 4-Hour Donation after Circulatory Determination of Death (DCDD) Case

    September 2016 – Using Motivational Interviewing to Empower Families

    August 2016 – Finding Calm in the Storm: Dealing with death, dying, and staff burnout

    July 2016 – Designing Transplant Education Materials for Diverse Audiences

    July 2016- Healing Lives through Increased Risk Organs

    June 2016- Assessing, Determining, and Meeting the  Psychological Needs of the Transplant Recipient

    May 2016- The National Pregnancy Registry: The First 25 Years

    May 2016- Rethinking Donor Organ Suitability: A Deeper Dive into Innovative Advances in Transplantation through Research and Regenerative Medicine

    May 2016- The Power of Preparation: Reframing the Donation Conversation after an Unplanned Mention

    Apr 2016- The High Risk Donor Organ:  What to Tell and Not Tell

    Apr 2016- Helping Hospitals Understand First Person Authorization

    Mar 2016- More Than Words Can Say: The Impact and Ethics of Communication Between Donor Families and Transplant Recipients

    Mar 2016- Kidney Pumping:  What Does the Data Show and What Does the Future Hold

    Mar 2016- Optimal Donor Care: Team Engagement, Collaboration and Effective ICU Care

    Feb 2016 – The Balancing Act of Donation after Circulatory Determination of Death

    Feb 2016 – Clinical, Processes, and Ethical Considerations for the Pregnant Potential Donor

    Jan 2016 – Hepatitis C Treatments and Impact on Transplantation

    Jan 2016 – Transplantable Lungs: The Holy Grail of Donation

  • 2015 Webinars

    Nov 2015 – HIV+ Recipients and  Donors:  Why Your Program Should Consider Both

    Nov 2015 – Mitigating the Risk and Maximizing the Gift

    Oct 2015 – An Overview of Vascular Composite Allotransplantation

    Oct 2015 – The Potential and Impact of NeoNatal Donation to Transplantation

    Sep 2015 – Innovation Webinar:  Donating to Research – How to Facilitate Innovation in Research

    Sep 2015 – Increasing Use of Ventricular Assist Device as Bridge to Transplant – Effects on Patients and Program

    Sep 2015 – Changes that Work

    Aug 2015 – Caring for Donor Families and Hospital Caregivers in the Long Term

    Jul 2015 – Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Transplant:  Lessons from the Field

    Jul 2015 – Expanding and Improving Tissue Referral Practices

    Jun 2015 – How the SRTR Risk Adjustment Models Work and Impact Program Evaluations

    May 2015 – Going through a FQAPI Survey – Lessons Learned

    May 2015 – Communicating Across Cultural Boundaries

    Apr 2015 – Best Practices in Kidney Waitlist Management with the New Kidney Allocation System

    Apr 2015 – Raising Performance to the Next Level: Quality Initiatives Between Hospitals and OPOs

    Mar 2015 – Ethical Considerations Part 2: Which Patient With Alcoholic Liver Disease Should be Afforded Transplantation

    Mar 2015 – How Living Wills, DNR and POLST Impact Patient Safety and the Organ Donation Process

    Feb 2015 – Ethical Considerations Part 1: Multicultural Approach to Transplantation

    Feb 2015 – Hospitals & OPOs Partnering on EMR Access: Navigating Responsibilities & Regulations

    Jan 2015 – Best Practices and Next Steps:  Results from the Living Donor Consensus Conference

    Jan 2015 – First Person Authorization and Donation After Circulatory Determination of Death (DCDD)