The Alliance’s power of collaboration happens through a variety of engaged learning and networking opportunities from in-person meetings to online webinars and webcasts. Professionals within the organ donation and transplantation community continue to value the benefits of peer-to-peer interactions for sharing and learning best practices. These innovative programs promote learning, networking, and professional development.  Our goal is to provide state of the art educational opportunities that enable hospital, organ donation and transplantation professionals to remain current and respond to advances in this industry.  We strive to maintain an excellent grasp on the latest issues and trends, while keeping an eye toward the future in anticipating education needs. The Alliance is continually working with experts in the field to offer the most current information utilizing the best communication skills necessary to teach professional adults in an effective manner.


  • The Alliance has brought together the key organizations and individuals involved in organ donation and transplantation over the last six years. It will be essential that the sharing of best practices and research continue through the Alliance so that we can improve and increase the number of transplantable organs for those on the waiting list.–Howard Nathan – President and CEO, Gift of Life Donor Program

  • The  Alliance is a vital organization that unites the donation and transplantation community under one umbrella.–Thomas A. Nakagawa, M.D., FAAP, FCCM

  • Our growth as a community of practice has resulted in the Alliance’s guidance and collaboration with national organizations to foster the mission of saving more lives and enhancing donation and transplantation awareness–Thomas A. Nakagawa, M.D., FAAP, FCCM