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Best Practices and Next Steps with Living Donation

Recent History

  • Best treatment option for late-stage chronic kidney disease (CKD) is live donor kidney transplantation (LDKT), however, living kidney donation (LKD) has stagnated and even decreased over the past 10 years.
  • A living donor consensus conference was conducted in 2014 to identify best practices and knowledge gaps.
  • Some of the possible reasons identified for LKD decline were, change in donor selection criteria, inadequate or uneven educational processes, an aging transplant candidate population, inefficient donor evaluation processes, poorer health of the general population, financial disincentives in an economic crisis.

Recommendations for Next Steps Summarized

  • Develop philosophical approach that LDKT is the best option for most transplant candidates and standardize processes across centers.
  • Educate community nephrologists and primary care physicians.
  • Clarify regulations about dialysis centers’ requirements for CMS compliance regarding transplant education
  • Institute transplant program quality improvement program to ensure ongoing evaluation and improvement of LDKT patient education.
  • Improve LKD education processes, e.g. transplant and dialysis competencies, use technology for patient education, implement an independent, national clearinghouse.
  • Expand OPTN policy on educational elements for potential live donors.
  • Implement strategies to reduce disparities in LKD, e.g. culturally-tailored education, increase awareness among providers, patients, and potential living donors, conduct studies to examine disparity-reducing strategies.
  • Examine program specific metrics and outcomes and compare nationally and regionally.
  • Develop transplant program culture of focus on and support of LKD with timely evaluation process, dedicated staff to LKD program, referral of incompatible LKD pairs to other programs, expedited process for transplant.
  • Reduce systemic barriers to LKD, such as ensuring financial neutrality for LKDs, LKD reimbursement for direct and indirect costs, consider government-private entity partnership, etc.
  • Creation of LKD Financial Toolkit and LKD Educational Toolkit.
  • Other areas of recommendations pertained to research priorities and public policy initiatives.

Work of the consensus conference will be continued through the American  Society of Transplant (AST) with its collaborating societies.

Taken from a webinar presentation by Rebecca Hays, MSW, APSW (University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics). A special thanks to Rebecca for her contributions in this inservice.
Download Executive Summary from the Consensus Conference.

Editor: Hedi Aguiar RN, MSN, Director of Programs and Communications, The Alliance,
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