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The Power of Preparation:  The Huddle Process

The “Huddle,” a powerful tool in creating an effective donation process and optimal outcomes, is used successfully by many Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) and hospitals around the country.

Defining the Huddle

Sometimes huddles are utilized several times during the donation process. Below is a recommended strategy for successful huddles* that defines the objective of each huddle and a method for facilitating them efficiently by answering “When”, “Who”, “What”?

Phase Ι:  Donation Assessment Huddle
Objective:  To establish a clear plan of OPO involvement and ensure that the hospital team is both heard and informed.

Phase ΙΙ:  Family Support Huddle
Objective:  To assist in the preparation of the approach.

Phase ΙΙΙ:  Family Outcome Huddle
Objective:  To ensure that the hospital care team and OPO have a clear understanding of the family discussion outcome and to establish next steps in the donation process.


Taken from a webinar presentation by T. Haydel, RN, CPTC and S.P. Harrison from the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA). *We thank LOPA for sharing their huddle process, practices and guidance document.

The webinar presentation is available through the Alliance Academy:

Full huddle process guidance document and other family care resources available in the organ donation toolbox:

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