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History of the Donate Life’s Participation in the Rose Parade Float
  • Donate Life first entered a float in the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day 2004. The float has been an award-winner six times and has won the Theme trophy three times.
  • To learn more about Donate Life’s Rose Parade participation, visit the float website’s media center at
The 2016 Donate Life Rose Parade Float
  • The theme for 2016’s Rose Parade is “Find Your Adventure”.
  • Like an oasis discovered amidst a caravan’s journey across the desert, organ, eye, and tissue donation saves lives, renews hope, and sustains people, families, and communities. The “Treasure Life’s Journey” float features a colorful caravan with sixty donor medal-inspired floragraphs that honor the invaluable treasure of the gift of life. Twenty-four float riders continue to share in life’s adventures through the gift of organ donation. Sixteen living donors will walk beside the float carrying provisions of fruit accented with flowers, symbolizing the life-sustaining gifts that have been given. And, dedicated roses placed by families create floral jewels that ornament the base of the float.
  • To read more about the selected honorees for this year, visit www.donatelifefloat.
Participating in the Float:
  • Join The Alliance in dedicating roses on the float in honor of a donor, someone waiting for transplant, a living donor, a recipient, someone who died waiting, or just in honor of donation and transplantation in general. You can purchase the rose and plan for this dedication in advance by visiting:
  • Donate Life urges viewers to join America’s 124 million registered donors so everyone whose life depends on a transplant can have one. Sign up as an organ, eye and tissue donor when renewing your driver’s license or by visiting


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