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2018 Donate Life Rose Parade Float
  • Donate Life first entered a float in 2004 in the New Year’s Day Rose Parade.
  • The floats – and the donors and recipients they represent – have been honored repeatedly with various Rose Parade awards.
  • The Donate Life float has become a time-honored tradition for the donation and transplantation community.
  • This year’s Rose Parade theme is “Making a Difference.”
The 2018 Donate Life “The Gift of Time” Float

“The Gift of Time”, depicts a vibrantly colored, tropical backdrop that dates back to the ancient civilizations of Mexico, celebrating the gift of life as 17 costumed riders sit alongside the jungle, against stone carvings, drawing the strength they have gained from their donors to continue and thrive on life’s journey. The monumental Aztec calendar draws the eye to the center of the float, where 44 donors are honored with floragraphs.

This ancient calendar reminds us of the enduring, lifesaving power of the generosity of donors and families. Alongside the float, eight living donors and recipients carry baskets of fruit and flowers in celebration of the renewed life they have shared with one another and the world. The beauty, richness, and potential of life is represented by the vivid flock of macaws perched over the lush floral canopies, ready to take flight.

The 2018 Donate Life Rose Parade float features:

  • 17 float riders, each a transplant recipient or an organ donation advocate.
  • 44 memorial floragraph portraits honoring deceased organ, eye and tissue donors.
  • 8 float walkers, who are each a living donor or an organ donation advocate.
  • Thousands of roses from all around the country individually dedicated to donors, transplant recipients and patients in need.

Call to Action: Join The Alliance by dedicating a rose on the float.

A Beautifully Important Message

There are more than 116,000 people in the United States awaiting a life-saving organ

transplant. Eye and tissue donation have the power to heal hundreds of thousands individuals.

The 129th Rose Parade will take place on Monday, January 1, 2018 at 8 a.m. PST.

To learn more about  how to get involved with the Donate Life Rose Parade and to find more information about the float and it’s history, visit


Editor: Hedi Aguiar RN, MSN, Senior Director of Programs, The Alliance,
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