Donation After Circulatory Death May Have Positive Outcomes for Liver Transplant

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Liver donations after circulatory death may experience long warm ischemia time; however, these organs may still lead to positive outcomes for liver transplant recipients, per published findings in Liver Transplantation.

“Donation after circulatory death donors are one of the solutions to expand the donor pool for liver transplantation,” Koji Hashimoto, MD, PhD, department of general surgery, Digestive Disease Institute at Cleveland Clinic, told “Compared to liver transplantation from brain dead donors, [donation after circulatory death] organs are generally considered to have poor quality due to mandatory warm ischemic time during organ recovery.”

To determine if this is a safe organ pool for surgery, Hashimoto and colleagues conducted a retrospective study testing whether hemodynamic trajectories were associated with transplant outcomes in donation after circulatory (DCD) liver transplantation.

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