Could Spinach Help The Organ Transplant Crisis

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A group of scientists was able to convert a spinach leaf into a piece of working human heart tissue. They decellularized a spinach leaf and dyed it to observe if it could function as the human heart at the time of transporting blood, oxygen, and all the essential nutrients needed for life.

The experimentation conducted by this team of scientists from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute could lead to incredible improvements in the transplant field. In the recent years, many medical organizations have started developing several mechanisms like 3D organ printing programs. However, they have not turned out to be that successful, so an alternative is needed as soon as possible.

Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of patients on waiting lists for several types of organs, and it’s estimated that 22 persons die each day while waiting for an organ or tissue transplant.

The study was published in the journal Biomaterials, and its primary objective is to offer an alternative when it comes to growing and producing human vascular systems. The thing is that this particular type of tissue has been a roadblock to investigations teams worldwide.

In the last decade, many scientific teams around the globe have been able to recreate human organs and tissue in 3D printing labs, even with amazing results. However, in the blood vessel growing area, this mechanism is not the appropriate as blood vessels are a much more delicate structure.

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