Cornea Treatment Breakthrough May Solve Transplant Shortages Worldwide

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Australian researchers have developed an innovative cornea treatment which may reduce the need for traditional donor tissue transplants. A hydrogel film has been developed by the researchers in the hope of solving a world-wide cornea shortage. More than 2,000 corneal transplants are conducted in Australia each year using corneal cells which are obtained from deceased donors.

“The main problem we’ve had with (traditional) corneal transplants is cell rejection,” associate professor Mark Daniel, Head of the Corneal Clinic at Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital, told 9NEWS. It is estimated one third of corneal transplants are unsuccessful because of the body rejecting foreign donor tissue. The new technique will facilitate the growth of the patients’ own corneal cells and eliminate the risk of transplant failure.

“You couldn’t get rejection if they were your own cells,” Mr Daniel said. Animal trials of the procedure have reportedly been successful, and human trials are expected to begin next year.

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