A Statement from The Alliance regarding President Trump’s Executive Order on July 10, 2019

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Dr. John Magee (Alliance Board Chair, left) and Kevin O’Connor (Alliance Board Vice Chair, right) were pleased to be in attendance last week during President Trump’s announcement of an executive order to enhance kidney care and improve donation and transplantation.

As shared by Dr. Magee, “The Alliance supports any effort to increase organ donation and transplantation. Health care always involves rigorous assessment and continuous efforts to improve. The Alliance looks forward to continuing our efforts in this important undertaking through our mission of providing engaged learning, innovation and collaborative leadership for the community of practice.”

Since our inception with the National Breakthrough Collaboratives, The Alliance has led the charge in developing programs for future advancement in organ donation and transplantation. This was recently demonstrated by the 2018 National Critical Issues Forum: “Innovation in Action,” in which stakeholders from across the community exchanged ideas for increasing organ utilization and transplantation, resulting in a robust Great Ideas Strategy Guide.

As stated by LeAnn Swanson, Executive Director of The Alliance, “By harnessing the collective synergy of organ procurement, transplant and health care experts, our initiatives are more vital to the community than ever. The Alliance stands ready to work with the entire community of practice to increase the number of transplants and adapt to new processes and regulations under President Trump’s executive order.”

As a collective of donation, transplantation and health care professionals, we are humbled by the courage and determination of patients struggling with end-stage organ disease and those who might benefit from transplantation. We honor the incredible generosity of organ donors and their loved ones, and we applaud the dedication of the professionals throughout our hospitals, organ procurement organizations and transplant programs who seek to facilitate the gift of life.

Thank you for your continued dedication to saving and healing lives.


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Corey Bryant serves as Director of Communications for The Alliance.
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