A Rare Outcome of a Unique Situation

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A unique partnership was formed between a dedicated obstetrics team and Nebraska Organ Recovery System (NORS) when a young woman was admitted to a local hospital in February. Karla was 22 years old and 22 weeks pregnant when she suffered a devastating CVA. After it was determined there was no viable option to save Karla’s life, the medical care team and her family’s goal shifted to Karla’s unborn baby, with the goal to help Karla’s baby to viability, brain death testing was postponed, and an amazing journey started. The entire care team focused on delivering a healthy baby along with honoring Karla’s decision to be a donor.
Karla’s care team found few resources for medical management. In fact, they found only 33 documented cases like this. As a result, the care team turned to NORS for medical management advice. Karla was maintained on somatic support to nearly 32 weeks gestation. On April 9th, five days after Karla gave new life to Baby Angel by C-section, Karla returned to the OR to give renewed life to four others. (Story provided by Gigi Siers, NORS, and shared with permission.)

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