A Challenging and Rare Double-Lung and Liver Transplant

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The University of Colorado Hospital Transplant Center has performed the state’s first-ever double-lung and liver transplant surgery.

After about nine months on the transplant wait list, Donor Alliance identified matching lungs and liver organs for a 30-year-old Nebraska man with Cystic Fibrosis, and a combined liver/lung team recovered the organs and brought them to UCH.

This surgery required close collaboration between the lung transplant team and the liver transplant team lead by Dr. Weyant and Dr. Kam respectively.
The 12-hour surgery was Colorado’s first-ever double lung and liver transplant. Doctors say McCabe’s prognosis is excellent, and he’s already planning his next 30 years.
“If I want to go run marathons and do stuff like that, then I can go and basically do whatever it is I want to do,” he said.
McCabe should be out of the hospital in about a week. He will be monitored closely for danger of organ rejection.

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